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    C.I.A. CODENAME: ALEXA (1992)
    Showing Tuesday 11/3/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Over the last year or so, we’ve discovered a VHS gold mine in the films of PM Entertainment, which was the brainchild of directors Richard Pepin (the P) and Joseph Merhi (the M). They’re responsible for HOLOGRAM MAN, CYBER-TRACKER 2 and T-FORCE. They’re also to blame for C.I.A. CODENAME: ALEXA.

    Alexa, portrayed by Kathleen Kinmont (FINAL IMPACT, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR), is the beautiful but deadly protege of Victor Mahler (Alex Cord – THE BROTHERHOOD, STILETTO), who runs an international crime ring that is threatening the very fabric of society as we know it. Lorenzo Lamas (“Falcon Crest”, NIGHT WARRIORS) stars as C.I.A. agent Mark Graver, who is obsessed with stopping Mahler at all costs… even risking capturing Alexa and turning her against her own boss! The only man who could turn an assassin babe against her boss is a pony-tailed, goateed Lorenzo Lamas.

    It’s worth noting that this movie co-stars O.J. Simpson as Lamas’ sidekick. You’re welcome.

    Directed by Joseph Merhi (LAST MAN STANDING, ZERO TOLERANCE).