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    AMERICAN NINJA (1985) Showing Tuesday 4/2/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    There’s breathtaking action galore as a young American becomes one of the greatest masters of Ninjitsu, the deadliest martial art. Prepare for electrifying martial arts magic with AMERICAN NINJA.

    Found on a South Pacific island as a boy, Joe Armstrong has been forced to enlist in the Army after having almost killed a man. When rebels stop his convoy in Latin America, a Ninja force joins the attack. Instinctively Joe flies into action, decimating the enemy and escaping with his Colonel’s beautiful daughter. Instead of a hero’s welcome, Joe returns to find the Colonel furious. The sinister truth is that the Colonel is in cahoots with an international arms smuggler, and these desperate men are afraid Joe will stop their next million dollar arms deal. Ortega, controller of the Ninjas, sets out to kill Joe. Their confrontation is a battle of ultimate skill and violence. AMERICAN NINJA—it’s entertainment as swift and sure as the flashing blade of a samurai’s sword!



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    Showing Tuesday 6/5/2018 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Imagine a world where the living are possessed by mysterious demonic spirits from the past. Imagine… and enter the world of NINJA 3: THE DOMINATION.

    Young, attractive Christie Ryder (played by dancer Lucinda Dickey) suddenly finds herself possessed by the diabolical spirit of a Ninja assassin. Dominated by the killer’s vicious and relentless rage, she sets out to brutally attack and destroy his enemies. Her boyfriend, confused by Christie’s changed personality and afraid that he might be her next victim, enlists the aid of Yamada, a good Ninja, played by Sho Kosugi. In a life-threatening exorcism and an ultimate fight to the death, Yamada proves that he is Christie’s only chance for survival and that only a Ninja can kill a Ninja.

    Directed by Sam Firstenberg.

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    Showing Tuesday 4/3/2018 at The Hollywood Theatre

    “Only a ninja can stop a ninja.” –Cho Osaki

    The Ninja are back! A band of Ninja slaughter the family of Cho Osaki, who–a Ninja himself–singlehandedly destroys the deadly marauders. Hoping to escape his bloody past with its unending cycles of murder and revenge, Cho flees Tokyo. With his mother and young son, he tries to build a new life in Los Angeles.

    But there, he unwittingly becomes the pawn of a drug trafficker, Braden, who is secretly an American Ninja, and Cho’s arch-foe. The two antagonists destroy a slew of heroin-dealing mobsters in a heart-pounding display of stealth, speed and lethal arts before their own hair-raising showdown.

    Starring Sho Kosugi, one of the world’s few remaining Ninja masters, REVENGE OF THE NINJA is the action movie of the year–a thrilling chance to become an initiate of the ancient secret rituals of the world’s deadliest assassins! Directed by Sam Firstenberg.



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    Revenge of the NinjaREVENGE OF THE NINJA (1983)
    Showing Tuesday 1/8/2013 at The Hollywood Theatre

    “Only a ninja can stop a ninja.”  –Cho Osaki

    This is perhaps the greatest film of the early 1980s ninja movie phenomenon, starring Japanese marital arts virtuoso Sho Kosugi (ENTER THE NINJA, THE MASTER).  He stars as Cho Osaki, a ninja who returns home from an afternoon stroll to find his family massacred, and bad guy ninjas hiding in the bushes.  With his mother and infant son he flees to Los Angeles, vowing to forsake the ninja life forever.  With the help of his American friend and business partner Braden (and his assistant Kathy, who is in love with Cho), he opens an art gallery, specializing in fancy Japanese dolls.  What he doesn’t know is Braden is actually an evil ninja who wears a silver demon mask… who’s also smuggling heroin into the country inside of the dolls!

    Six years later we see Cho running a successful gallery and living in peace with his mother and young son, Kane.  When Braden’s drug deal with the mafia falls through, he goes on a dark ninja quest to take out the mafia boss and secure his heroin.  Braden sneaks into Cho’s gallery to steal back his merchandise and has a duel with Cho’s mother, who turns out to be a crazy ninja warrior mom.  She is vanquished.  Kane witnesses this, and soon Braden has hypnotized Kathy into kidnapping Kane… and the culmination of all of this leads to a rooftop battle and Cho’s revenge, aka THE REVENGE OF THE NINJA!

    Things to look for: plenty of gratuitous fight scenes and throwing stars, a Jacuzzi torture scene, Evil Ninja vs. Ninja Warrior Mom, a full-on Native American mob henchman, and an awesome scene where Cho is relentlessly dragged by a van.  Directed by Sam Firstenberg (AMERICAN NINJA, AMERICAN NINJA 2).



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    Showing Sept 6 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Rowdy Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba star as Mayan priests reincarnated as L.A. buddy cops on a mission to take out an immortal beefcake sweatpants army. Chiba, in one of his few English-speaking roles (he doesn’t really speak English very well), spends most of the movie in a psychedelic samurai freakout at his house, and then becomes a ninja assassin near the end of the movie. He uses his karate as a weapon. Portland’s own Roddy Rowdy Piper, a cop on vacation in the Bahamas, who occasionally sports a fake southern accent, befriends a journalist who gets kidnapped while investigating an evil corporation that is producing immortal, invincible warriors for international export. The heros eventually face off against American Gladiator star Malibu, who plays an immortal serial killer called the “Signature Killer”, and a couple of ninja extras that wandered onto the set from another movie. Directed by Dan Neira.

    Sonny Chiba is the best!