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    Showing Tuesday 9/3/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Carmen Vasquez (James Delasandro — WILLOW, EAST L.A. WARRIORS) is the leader of the powerful Mexican drug cartel, Los Hermanos. When his brother is cold-bloodedly murdered in his prison cell, Vasquez vows personal revenge. Exiled from the U.S., he returns to the United States and begins a slaughter that stretches across L.A.

    The cops and the DEA are powerless. They turn to Vasquez’s old enemy, Sam Bodine (Armando Silvester), an ex-DEA agent who barely survived his last run-in with Vasquez. Together with his nephew Garrett (Darren McBee, aka “Malibu” from “American Gladiators”), Sam hunts down Vasquez to a bloody showdown which ends a vicious feud, where there are no laws or rules. Directed by Addison Randall.

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    Showing Sept 6 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Rowdy Roddy Piper and Sonny Chiba star as Mayan priests reincarnated as L.A. buddy cops on a mission to take out an immortal beefcake sweatpants army. Chiba, in one of his few English-speaking roles (he doesn’t really speak English very well), spends most of the movie in a psychedelic samurai freakout at his house, and then becomes a ninja assassin near the end of the movie. He uses his karate as a weapon. Portland’s own Roddy Rowdy Piper, a cop on vacation in the Bahamas, who occasionally sports a fake southern accent, befriends a journalist who gets kidnapped while investigating an evil corporation that is producing immortal, invincible warriors for international export. The heros eventually face off against American Gladiator star Malibu, who plays an immortal serial killer called the “Signature Killer”, and a couple of ninja extras that wandered onto the set from another movie. Directed by Dan Neira.

    Sonny Chiba is the best!