LIGHTBLAST (1985)
    Showing Tuesday 11/5/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Handsome Erik Estrada (CHiPS) stars as a lone hard-core policeman out to discover and destroy the sinister creator of the LIGHTBLAST machine.

    Ronn (ESTRADA), an ambitious and daring police officer, is called in to solve the mystery behind a bizarre chain of disasters which have shaken San Francisco. An explosive weapon is in the wrong hands… posing the ultimate threat to the unsuspecting city. Ronn is taken on a most dangerous “goose chase” around San Francisco, as the mad scientist, the creator of the weapon, vies for complete and absolute power.

    LIGHTBLAST — only a moment from total destruction! Directed by Enzo G. Castellari (THE HEROIN BUSTERS).

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    zerotolerance_WEB_RESZERO TOLERANCE (1994)
    Showing Tuesday 12/3/2013 at The Hollywood Theatre

    In a rare “non-liquid robot” turn for Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY), here he plays a regular guy–FBI agent Jeff Douglas. Douglas and his team are sent down to Mexico to apprehend Manta, a drug lord who is purported to have ties with the White Hand cartel. They’re distributing a new kind of highly-addictive liquid heroin, and the FBI is working hard to eradicate it from the streets.

    The assignment quickly goes to hell as his partners all get killed in an ambush, along with his wife and family back in Los Angeles. Leading the White Hand is not Saruman (as you may have thought), but a greasy, pony-tailed man named Vitch, played my Mick Fleetwood (yes, that Mick Fleetwood). ‘Tis Mick Fleetwood of Many Colours! I suppose the assumption here is that to have an evil character in a movie, you need to cast an actual evil person–someone into deep wizardry, perhaps. It worked… but not for long! “For there can only be one Lord of the Rings”, as Manta soon learns.

    After being taken prisoner and forced to be a drug mule for the cartel, Douglas escapes and learns of his family’s demise. Wrong answer, Mr. Fleetwood. One by one, the members of the White Hand become dust in the trail of Douglas’ stagecoach of vengeance. Directed by Joseph Merhi.

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    NightbeastNIGHTBEAST (1982)
    Showing Tuesday 11/01/2011 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Somewhere in the heavens, an out-of-control spaceship careens toward Earth, plunking an asteroid on the way down. It ricochets toward Maryland and crash lands somewhere in the woods. A wet-looking abomination in a shiny silver suit emerges, fully-automatic laser gun in hand. A handful of hicks with guns confront the being and are immediately vaporized. This scene sets up Nightbeast, in which a backwoods cop and his friends fight an alien that terrorizes their small town. Super lo-fi, but in a star-filtered early 80s kind of way. Awesome synth music, a romantic love scene, and tons of lasers and gore. Also vaporizing and mauling. And gore. Directed by Don Dohler.

    Trivia: The musical score on this movie was done by 16-year-old J.J. Abrams, who later went on to create the TV show LOST and direct the excellent film SUPER 8.