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    DARK BREED (1996)
    Showing Tuesday 10/2/2018 at The Hollywood Theatre

    From PM Entertain we bring you DARK BREED. Six American astronauts are missing after the mysterious crash of top-secret flight Aquarius 7. Nick Saxon (Jack Scalia) heads the team that must save them.
    But what he doesn’t know can kill him. The crew has been infested by a race of reptilian parasites who have taken over their bodies and plan to destroy the planet.
    The DARK BREED has arrived… and the future of the human race is in Nick’s hands. Directed by Richard Pepin.


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    Showing on Tuesday 4/5/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, an “average Joe” who runs a sporting goods store in Denver, and who is surrounded by women—his wife and three daughters.

    Wait a sec.. wrong Wikipedia page! Ah, here we go:

    LAST MAN STANDING stars Bruce Willis as an aimless drifter during Prohibition. He drives into a small Texas bordertown and is entangled with the Irish mob and a corrupt police force. It’s up to him to free the town from the iron grip of two opposing gangs. Like A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, it’s essentially a remake of Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO

    Damn—oh wait. Pulled up the wrong Wikipedia page again. Writing reviews is hard!

    Well, there’s no Wikipedia page for this one, so I guess I’ll have to wing it.

    LAST MAN STANDING from PM Entertainment is by far the best, most entertaining thing called LAST MAN STANDING, and that’s saying a lot (see above). We’ve been doing B-Movie Bingo for about ten years now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, PM Entertainment is the best at producing “A-quality films in a competitive marketplace… with increased budgets ranging from $2m-$6m.”

    According to a promo in a 1995 issue of movie industry trade magazine Screen International, LAST MAN STANDING is an “action-packed, stunt-filled movie in which more than 100 cars are destroyed.” You don’t have to tell me twice—that’s a good movie!

    Jeff WIncott (“Night Heat”, MARTIAL LAW 2) stars as the chain-smoking Kurt Bellmore, a good cop on the LAPD, but who has a tendency to play by his own rules. His partner, veteran cop “Doc”, is played by Jonathan Banks, who we all know now as Mike from “Breaking Bad”. When they’re not at Doc’s senile mom’s house (where Doc lives), they’re after a super-criminal named “Snake Underwood” (Jonathan Fuller, CASTLE FREAK, “Homeboys in Outer Space”), who LOVES being a bad guy, and proclaims to be Errol Flynn more than once. When Doc is “accidentally” killed by a corrupt cop, Kurt realizes he and his busty wife (Jillian McWhirter, PROGENY, THE DENTIST 2) are in danger from both sides of the law, as the race to see who’s the “last man standing” reaches its riveting climax.

    Directed by Joseph Merhi (EXECUTIVE TARGET, ZERO TOLERANCE).