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    HANDS OF STEEL (1986)
    Showing Tuesday 6/4/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Falcon Crest’s Daniel Greene stars in this sci-fi stunner set in the bleak futureworld of 1997. The earth is bleached and battered by toxic gases and acid rain… the human race teeters on the verge of extinction… and there’s only one lone scientist left to give mankind hope.

    Paco Querak (Greene) is a super-strong half-man, half-machine cyborg, hired to terminate the scientist. He must outsmart and out-battle him in a true test of brawn–but Paco sympathizes with the scientist. John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) co-stars as a ruthless programmer determined to finish the mission: his goal could mean utter disaster.

    When metal meshes with man… when the planet reels under ecological horror… the fate of the world may rest in HANDS OF STEEL. Directed by Sergio Martino.