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    collisioncourse_WEBCOLLISION COURSEĀ (1989)
    Showing Tuesday 4/1/2014 atĀ The Hollywood Theatre

    At one time, Jay Leno was a successful stand-up comic who occasionally appeared in movies. In the late 80s, with his star on the rise, Leno made his one and only film appearance in a leading role in COLLISION COURSE–a movie that technically was never finished, but was put out on video anyway.

    Leno plays Detroit cop Tony Costas, who lives in a hellhole and does whatever he wants. It’s clear from the onset that he quit following the rules long ago. When a Japanese business man is killed over a top-secret car part, Inspector Fuji, played by Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi), comes to town, and is teamed up with Leno to solve the case. Let’s just say at this point the racial jokes really start flying. Leno also asks every woman he encounters for her “home number”. But hey! It was the 80s, what do you expect? Leno truly is the “king of the zing”. Directed by Lewis Teague.

    New squares alert: LATTICE, CAR CRUSHER, STAKEOUT

    Remember when Jay Leno did Doritos commercials?