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    Showing Tuesday 10/1/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    He’s no ordinary soldier… he’s the best, most highly trained war machine in Vietnam. Maybe the best ever. Michael Ransom (Reb Brown, YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE) is a one-man STRIKE COMMANDO nothing can stop… nothing! Caught behind enemy lines, Ransom discovers a deadly platoon, led by Jakoda–a massive Russian sadist. Escaping the ravages of this brutal cretin, Ransom is ordered back in the jungle on a suicide mission. His objective–document Russian war involvement and liberate the Vietnamese who saved his life. From an atrocious P.O.W. camp to a ferocious battle-to-the-death, this heroic American stops at nothing to crush the betrayers of freedom. Directed by Bruno Mattei (ROBOWAR).