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    HARD TO KILL (1990)
    Showing Tuesday 6/5/2012 at The Hollywood Theatre

    You can take THIS to the bank!  In HARD TO KILL Steven Seagal is Mason Storm (best movie hero name ever), an L.A. detective who spends the first twenty minutes of the movie in a seven year coma.  (RIP Mason Storm’s coma, 1983-1990).  When he wakes up from the coma, he has a huge goatee, which is a sure sign your nurse has the hots for you.  Within seconds of becoming aware of his surroundings, he flashes back to the atrocities that befell his family at the hands of a dirty politician… while a hit man roams the halls hunting him down as he wheels around on his gurney.  After a narrow escape, his nurse takes him to an Eastern-tinged country estate where he recuperates, enduring various training montages and meditation zones.  Once he regains his strength and hones his lone wolf attitude, total violence ensues as he exacts revenge on those who wronged him.  Then he goes on a vacation.  Directed by Bruce Malmuth.