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    FIREPOWER (1993)

    Showing on Tuesday 6/7/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    In the futuristic year of 2007, cities have become “Hell Zones”, where criminals can do what they want, whenever they want. When a fake AIDS vaccine miracle drug hits the non-Hell-Zone streets, two undercover cops named Braniff and Sledge (played by Chad McQueen and Gary Daniels, respectively) go into the Hell Zone to try and infiltrate the criminal organization that’s manufacturing the drug. Their snooping leads them to the Death Ring, an illegal cage-fight-to-the-death competition, run by a crime lord named Drexel (Joseph Ruskin – “L.A. Law”, “Airwolf”). Drexel is flanked at all times by his top fighter and personal bodyguard, known as “The Swordsman”, played by WWF legend The Ultimate Warrior. He has no dialogue in the is film–though he screams a lot while “oiled up”. He’s the best part of the movie! It must be noted that it would have been better if McQueen had no dialogue, and Gary Daniels had all the dialogue.

    In order to get into the Death Ring, Braniff and Sledge are required to come up with fighter names, so they come up with “Alley Cat” and “The Hammer”. Slowly they fight their way to the top of food chain, eventually having an electrifying showdown with The Swordsman. This is another PM Entertainment movie, and being so, is chock full of explosions, chases, male pony tails and general wall-to-wall action. For a few years in the mid 90s, they were consistently putting out the best, most insane direct-to-video movies out there. This is one of them!

    In the words of Gary Daniels himself, “FIREPOWER features a lot of explosions, gunfights, car and motorcycle stunts, as well as martial arts fight sequences, so it’s really an action movie for everyone. For almost a week, we would block off whole streets and sections of downtown L.A. from about 8:00pm to 6:00am, so we could film car chases and crashes and so on.”

    Rated R. Directed by Richard Pepin.


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    DEADLY TARGET (1994)
    Showing Tuesday 12/2/2014 at The Hollywood Theatre

    In DEADLY TARGET, Gary Daniels (DEADLY BET, TEKKEN) stars as Charlie Prince, a Hong Kong super-cop brought to Los Angeles to capture a Chinese drug lord named Chang (played with zest by Byron Mann). Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Not wanting to face justice in his home country, Chang escapes Prince’s grasp, and Prince is thrown off the case.

    This is where it gets silly. After being rendered unconscious, Prince is rescued by a beautiful Asian woman named Susan–the only female in the entire movie. He wakes up shirtless in her home as she bathes in the next room. With her help, he gets back on the case and gets his man.

    This film augments its plot with endless montages of mindless, generic shooting, car chases, and fight scenes. There’s also a few golden moments of abrupt, bizarre violence–let’s just say Charlie Prince knows how to make people eat shit. Directed by Charla Driver (in her only directing credit).