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    DEADLY PREY (1987)
    Showing Tuesday 8/6/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Mike Danton (Ted Prior) has been called the “most perfect killer ever”. He earned the title in Vietnam, and now he’ll have to prove it again. But this time, Danton has only his bare hands for weapons. He’s up against not only a fully outfitted army of blood-thirsty mercenaries, but also the very man who taught him all he knows! Colonel John Hogan — the highest decorated man in the U.S. Special Forces — is a professional soldier discharged from the army for his excessive and wanton violence. Now, he and his crazed team hire out to the highest bidder!

    Innocent people are being snatched for use as “live” targets by Hogan’s trained killers, at his secret “boot” camp just 75 miles south of Los Angeles. This time Hogan’s henchmen have seized the wrong “runner”.

    And now, teacher and student face off… again.. to the death! Directed by David A. Prior.