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    Showing Tuesday 8/2/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    While searching for a missing friend in Greece, jewel thief Andy Lau and his young son, Pin-Pin, stumble upon a plot involving KBG and Interpol agents, and a mysterious, glowing green crystal from space. They find their friend, Shen, in Athens being pursued because of this crystal, which he discreetly slips in Pin-Pin’s backpack. After discovering the glowing green rock in his pack, Pin-Pin soon finds himself able to communicate with it telepathically. The crystal houses the essence of an ancient extraterrestrial, and demonstrates a variety of super powers, including the ability to manipulate the thoughts and behavior of those nearby. It’s like combining The Force, a green light saber and E.T., and then making that into a lumpy green rock. Imagine how desirable a lumpy green rock with these powers would be to a devious mind!

    They form a bond and become friends, and find themselves caught between a villainous KGB agent, played by martial arts wizard Richard Norton, and a team of Interpol agents, led by our favorite heroine, Cynthia Rothrock. Only by working together can the friends of the Magic Crystal help it achieve its final destiny! Directed by Wong Jing.

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    Showing Tuesday 7/5/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    It’s time for Indonesian Action Cinema! For our 5th Anniversary of doing B-Movie Bingo at the Hollywood Theatre, we’re doing a re-run! We first showed THE STABILIZER in August of 2011, and it’s still one of our favorites. It’s really hard to beat these 80s Indonesian action movies. This movie stars New Zealand-born English teacher Peter O’Brian as Peter Goldson, or as he is repeatedly referred to in the film, “The Stabilizer”. This movie was directed by action-master Arizal and produced by the Punjabi Brothers, who first spotted O’Brian walking in Jakarta, and thought he was actually Sylvester Stallone. They followed him to his hotel and convinced him to be in their movie, and then half a dozen more through the early 90s. A star was born.

    Peter Goldson, or The Stabilizer, is a lone-wolf Interpol agent sent around the world to literally stabilize unstable situations. He is sent to Jakarta, where a famous scientist who developed a Narcotics Detector has been kidnapped. Up against him is a drug smuggling ring run by his arch-enemy Greg Rainmaker, an evil drug lord who once killed Goldson’s fiancee with his spiked shoes. In a flashback the filmmakers tastefully show this, and while it’s happening you see a framed photo of Goldson on the wall, in a black net shirt posing with a gun. He looks like a cross between Sylvester Stallone and Brian May. Be on the lookout for actual consumption of live reptiles. Directed by Arizal.

    Note: This movie has an awesome soundtrack.

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    FIREPOWER (1993)

    Showing on Tuesday 6/7/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    In the futuristic year of 2007, cities have become “Hell Zones”, where criminals can do what they want, whenever they want. When a fake AIDS vaccine miracle drug hits the non-Hell-Zone streets, two undercover cops named Braniff and Sledge (played by Chad McQueen and Gary Daniels, respectively) go into the Hell Zone to try and infiltrate the criminal organization that’s manufacturing the drug. Their snooping leads them to the Death Ring, an illegal cage-fight-to-the-death competition, run by a crime lord named Drexel (Joseph Ruskin – “L.A. Law”, “Airwolf”). Drexel is flanked at all times by his top fighter and personal bodyguard, known as “The Swordsman”, played by WWF legend The Ultimate Warrior. He has no dialogue in the is film–though he screams a lot while “oiled up”. He’s the best part of the movie! It must be noted that it would have been better if McQueen had no dialogue, and Gary Daniels had all the dialogue.

    In order to get into the Death Ring, Braniff and Sledge are required to come up with fighter names, so they come up with “Alley Cat” and “The Hammer”. Slowly they fight their way to the top of food chain, eventually having an electrifying showdown with The Swordsman. This is another PM Entertainment movie, and being so, is chock full of explosions, chases, male pony tails and general wall-to-wall action. For a few years in the mid 90s, they were consistently putting out the best, most insane direct-to-video movies out there. This is one of them!

    In the words of Gary Daniels himself, “FIREPOWER features a lot of explosions, gunfights, car and motorcycle stunts, as well as martial arts fight sequences, so it’s really an action movie for everyone. For almost a week, we would block off whole streets and sections of downtown L.A. from about 8:00pm to 6:00am, so we could film car chases and crashes and so on.”

    Rated R. Directed by Richard Pepin.


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    Showing on Tuesday 5/3/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    SHADOW WARRIORS stars Terry “Hulk” Hogan as ex-Navy SEAL Mike McBride, the leader of a team of greasy beefcake bounty hunters that also helps people in need. Rounding out the crew are military buddies Roy Brown (Carl Weathers), Hunter Wiley (Shannon Tweed) and Martin Kove, who plays an FBI agent whose wacky ideas banish him to the FBI’s basement, kind of like Mulder. He’s a conspiracy nut!

    While on a routine mission to rescue a kidnapped girl, Hulk has flashbacks that his ex-nemesis, Dr. Sarkisian (Gerard Plunkett), faked his death and is still alive. With the rest of his team doubting his latest flashback revelation, Hulk takes off for the Middle East on his own to track him down, only to be captured by Sarkisian and injected with a poison that gives him 72 hours to live. While injecting his neck, Sarkisian explains that he’s planning an attack on the United States, and there’s nothing that can be done to stop it–except giving Mike McBride and his crew 72 hours to figure it out!

    Directed by Jon Cassar (“Criminal Minds”, “Person of Interest”).

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    Showing on Tuesday 4/5/2016 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Last Man Standing” stars Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, an “average Joe” who runs a sporting goods store in Denver, and who is surrounded by women—his wife and three daughters.

    Wait a sec.. wrong Wikipedia page! Ah, here we go:

    LAST MAN STANDING stars Bruce Willis as an aimless drifter during Prohibition. He drives into a small Texas bordertown and is entangled with the Irish mob and a corrupt police force. It’s up to him to free the town from the iron grip of two opposing gangs. Like A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, it’s essentially a remake of Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO

    Damn—oh wait. Pulled up the wrong Wikipedia page again. Writing reviews is hard!

    Well, there’s no Wikipedia page for this one, so I guess I’ll have to wing it.

    LAST MAN STANDING from PM Entertainment is by far the best, most entertaining thing called LAST MAN STANDING, and that’s saying a lot (see above). We’ve been doing B-Movie Bingo for about ten years now, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, PM Entertainment is the best at producing “A-quality films in a competitive marketplace… with increased budgets ranging from $2m-$6m.”

    According to a promo in a 1995 issue of movie industry trade magazine Screen International, LAST MAN STANDING is an “action-packed, stunt-filled movie in which more than 100 cars are destroyed.” You don’t have to tell me twice—that’s a good movie!

    Jeff WIncott (“Night Heat”, MARTIAL LAW 2) stars as the chain-smoking Kurt Bellmore, a good cop on the LAPD, but who has a tendency to play by his own rules. His partner, veteran cop “Doc”, is played by Jonathan Banks, who we all know now as Mike from “Breaking Bad”. When they’re not at Doc’s senile mom’s house (where Doc lives), they’re after a super-criminal named “Snake Underwood” (Jonathan Fuller, CASTLE FREAK, “Homeboys in Outer Space”), who LOVES being a bad guy, and proclaims to be Errol Flynn more than once. When Doc is “accidentally” killed by a corrupt cop, Kurt realizes he and his busty wife (Jillian McWhirter, PROGENY, THE DENTIST 2) are in danger from both sides of the law, as the race to see who’s the “last man standing” reaches its riveting climax.

    Directed by Joseph Merhi (EXECUTIVE TARGET, ZERO TOLERANCE).