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    SAMURAI COP 2 with Matt Hannon in person!

    Friday 11/13 at 7pm The Hollywood Theatre presents SAMURAI COP 2: DEADLY VENGEANCE with Matt Hannon (aka Mathew Karedas), Mel Novak, Nicole D’Angelo and director/visionary Gregory Hatanaka in person! Robbie will be introducing the film and conducting a Q&A with the cast afterward.

    Here are two videos we put together for the event!

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    C.I.A. CODENAME: ALEXA (1992)
    Showing Tuesday 11/3/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Over the last year or so, we’ve discovered a VHS gold mine in the films of PM Entertainment, which was the brainchild of directors Richard Pepin (the P) and Joseph Merhi (the M). They’re responsible for HOLOGRAM MAN, CYBER-TRACKER 2 and T-FORCE. They’re also to blame for C.I.A. CODENAME: ALEXA.

    Alexa, portrayed by Kathleen Kinmont (FINAL IMPACT, BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR), is the beautiful but deadly protege of Victor Mahler (Alex Cord – THE BROTHERHOOD, STILETTO), who runs an international crime ring that is threatening the very fabric of society as we know it. Lorenzo Lamas (“Falcon Crest”, NIGHT WARRIORS) stars as C.I.A. agent Mark Graver, who is obsessed with stopping Mahler at all costs… even risking capturing Alexa and turning her against her own boss! The only man who could turn an assassin babe against her boss is a pony-tailed, goateed Lorenzo Lamas.

    It’s worth noting that this movie co-stars O.J. Simpson as Lamas’ sidekick. You’re welcome.

    Directed by Joseph Merhi (LAST MAN STANDING, ZERO TOLERANCE).



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    SPACE RAGE (1985)
    Showing Tuesday 10/6/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Two hundred years in the future, the worst criminals on Earth are sent to a prison called Botany Bay on a planet called Proxima Centauri 3. From this space hell there is no hope of escape.

    In SPACE RAGE, Michael Paré (LUNARCOP, RAGING ANGELS) portrays Grange, a bank-robbing, pony-tailed lunatic sent to Botany Bay to pay for his crimes. He immediately tries to escape, but his attempt is thwarted by Walker…

    Oh, nevermind. Here’s what the back of the VHS box says:

    Richard Farnsworth (THE NATURAL, THE GREY FOX), Michael Paré (STREETS OF FIRE, EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS), and John Laughlin (CRIMES OF PASSION) star in this thrilling action-adventure set in the future where survival is only for those who know how to fight.

    In this futuristic world, the most ruthless criminals are all transported to the planet Botany Bay to work in the mines–there, they are guarded and escapees hunted down.

    Sentenced to life on the penitentiary planet of Botany Bay, Grange (Michael Paré), leads a ruthless bunch of depraved work colony convicts in a terrorizing upheaval against the innocent inhabitants. Defending Botany Bay are highly skilled weapons specialists known as Trackers. John Laughlin portrays their fearless leader who fends off the prisoners’ breakout attempts with a futuristic arsenal of machines and manpower. Farnsworth is The Colonel, a retired LAPD officer brought in from Earth to help. The evil Grange devises a plan that will wipe out Botany Bay and make him self-imposed leader of a new civilization. In an action-packed finale, the criminals execute their plan… SPACE RAGE… a world gone mad! Directed by Conrad E. Palmisano (Stunt coordinator for RUSH HOUR 2, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE).



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    TIMECOP (1994)
    Showing Tuesday 9/1/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

    This has been a year of future-plot movies, and in keeping with that theme, we present to you Jean-Claude Van Damme’s masterpiece TIMECOP.

    Imagine it’s 2004 and time travel has become a reality. JCVD stars as Max Walker, an officer for the Time Enforcement Commission, or TEC. The TEC goes after people who try to use time travel for their own gain—guys like Senator Aaron McComb, who will stop at nothing to be come President. McComb is portrayed with sleazy zeal by the late, great Ron Silver (HEAT VISION AND JACK, DEADLY OUTBREAK). McComb has the TEC in his pocket, and has been in the habit of sending his henchmen back in time to cash in on the past to fund his Presidential campaign.

    One of those henchman is Walker’s partner, and when Walker sticks his nose into McComb’s business, his wife (Mia Sara, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF) pays the ultimate price. Will Walker violate his own principles to go back in time and save her? Will there be two Ron Silvers and two Jean-Claude Van Dammes multiple times in this movie? Yes, and yes. Directed by Peter Hyams (END OF DAYS, SUDDEN DEATH).



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    MARTIAL LAW (1990)
    Showing Tuesday 8/4/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Keeping in line with our tradition of bringing you movies starring relatives, friends and employees of big movie stars, we present MARTIAL LAW. It stars Chad McQueen (DEATH RING, NEW YORK COP), whose father was screen legend and racing enthusiast Steve McQueen. The younger McQueen was in the first two KARATE KID movies, and was trained by Chuck Norris. His pedigree is unimpeachable.

    Also starring is Cynthia Rothrock (CHINA O’BRIEN, UNDEFEATABLE), one of our all-time favorite martial arts ladies. McQueen and Rothrock are teamed up as cops Sean Thompson and Billie Blake, who together fight back the rising tide of crime in Los Angeles. They’re also lovers and martial arts champions. When Thompson’s estranged younger brother shows up and starts getting mixed up with the wrong crowd, it’s up to him to bail him out. Enter Dalton Rhodes, played by a scenery-chewing David Carradine (FUTURE FORCE, FUTURE ZONE), who takes him under his wing as a henchman in training. Rhodes is not only the biggest crime boss in Los Angeles, but also a Martial Arts Grand Master. You know where this is going… not even big brother can save him now!

    Directed by Steve Cohen (TOUGH AND DEADLY, LAW & ORDER).

    Cool fight scene: