LIGHTBLAST (1985)
    Showing Tuesday 11/5/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Handsome Erik Estrada (CHiPS) stars as a lone hard-core policeman out to discover and destroy the sinister creator of the LIGHTBLAST machine.

    Ronn (ESTRADA), an ambitious and daring police officer, is called in to solve the mystery behind a bizarre chain of disasters which have shaken San Francisco. An explosive weapon is in the wrong hands… posing the ultimate threat to the unsuspecting city. Ronn is taken on a most dangerous “goose chase” around San Francisco, as the mad scientist, the creator of the weapon, vies for complete and absolute power.

    LIGHTBLAST — only a moment from total destruction! Directed by Enzo G. Castellari (THE HEROIN BUSTERS).

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    Showing Tuesday 10/1/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    He’s no ordinary soldier… he’s the best, most highly trained war machine in Vietnam. Maybe the best ever. Michael Ransom (Reb Brown, YOR, HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE) is a one-man STRIKE COMMANDO nothing can stop… nothing! Caught behind enemy lines, Ransom discovers a deadly platoon, led by Jakoda–a massive Russian sadist. Escaping the ravages of this brutal cretin, Ransom is ordered back in the jungle on a suicide mission. His objective–document Russian war involvement and liberate the Vietnamese who saved his life. From an atrocious P.O.W. camp to a ferocious battle-to-the-death, this heroic American stops at nothing to crush the betrayers of freedom. Directed by Bruno Mattei (ROBOWAR).

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    Showing Tuesday 9/3/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Carmen Vasquez (James Delasandro — WILLOW, EAST L.A. WARRIORS) is the leader of the powerful Mexican drug cartel, Los Hermanos. When his brother is cold-bloodedly murdered in his prison cell, Vasquez vows personal revenge. Exiled from the U.S., he returns to the United States and begins a slaughter that stretches across L.A.

    The cops and the DEA are powerless. They turn to Vasquez’s old enemy, Sam Bodine (Armando Silvester), an ex-DEA agent who barely survived his last run-in with Vasquez. Together with his nephew Garrett (Darren McBee, aka “Malibu” from “American Gladiators”), Sam hunts down Vasquez to a bloody showdown which ends a vicious feud, where there are no laws or rules. Directed by Addison Randall.

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    DEADLY PREY (1987)
    Showing Tuesday 8/6/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    Mike Danton (Ted Prior) has been called the “most perfect killer ever”. He earned the title in Vietnam, and now he’ll have to prove it again. But this time, Danton has only his bare hands for weapons. He’s up against not only a fully outfitted army of blood-thirsty mercenaries, but also the very man who taught him all he knows! Colonel John Hogan — the highest decorated man in the U.S. Special Forces — is a professional soldier discharged from the army for his excessive and wanton violence. Now, he and his crazed team hire out to the highest bidder!

    Innocent people are being snatched for use as “live” targets by Hogan’s trained killers, at his secret “boot” camp just 75 miles south of Los Angeles. This time Hogan’s henchmen have seized the wrong “runner”.

    And now, teacher and student face off… again.. to the death! Directed by David A. Prior.

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    ROAD HOUSE (1989)
    Showing Tuesday 7/2/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

    From the producer of DIE HARD and LETHAL WEAPON comes a sexy, action-packed adventure that pushes the envelope for high-octane thrills. Patrick Swayze stars as one of the screen’s most unforgettable heroes, charged with magnetic charm and lightning-fast martial arts moves.

    Dalton (Swayze) is a legendary bouncer who comes to Jasper, Missouri for a special purpose: to restore order at the dangerous Double Deuce bar. But as, one by one, he rids the bar of thugs, he incurs the wrath of their employer–the notorious racketeer Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). The town lives in fear of Wesley, but Dalton is ready for action! He confronts Wesley’s goons in one spectacular fight after another, but when they strike back with deadly force, Dalton knows he must face the crime boss himself in a blistering battle to the finish.

    Co-starring Kelly Lynch (COCKTAIL) and Sam Elliott (THE BIG LEBOWSKI). Directed by Rowdy Herrington.