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    The Thief of Bagdad: Re-imagined by Shadoe Stevens with the Music of ELO

    Re-imagined by Shadoe Stevens with the Music of E.L.O.

    With Introduction by Shadoe Stevens! Showing 7:30 Saturday 4/28/2012 at The Hollywood Theatre

    This is one of the coolest things we’ve stumbled upon in recent memory. The Thief of Bagdad with a soundtrack by E.L.O.  Tons of magic carpets set to “Mr. Blue Sky”.  YES.

    We found out about this after watching an 80s movie called TRAXX.  We got curious about its star, Shadoe StevensOur research led us to his website, where we read about his legendary radio career, hilarious and inventive commercials he produced, stints on TV shows…. so much stuff (you can read all about it here).  Let’s just say he’s a man of many talents, and mondo enthusiasm. 

    Here’s Shadoe’s tale of how his take on The Thief of Bagdad came to be (read entire interview here):

    “In the 1970s, we watched movies at my house. There was no video or DVDs, of course. I’d show 16 mm movies. Someone had the idea to run silent movies. This was great. Most of us hadn’t seen many silent movies.

    I created soundtracks for the silent movies, on cassette. I recorded suitable music and coordinated the cassette, with the film. Instantly, there was a silent movie, with a modern soundtrack.

    After seeing Thief of Bagdad, I couldn’t get enough of the movie. It is 2.5 hours long. Douglas Fairbanks Sr. stars as the thief; he also bankrolled the 1924 movie, for two million dollars. Raoul Walsh is the director. The special effects are outstanding, to this day. I started creating a soundtrack for Thief. Every time I watched Thief, I devised a new and better version of the soundtrack. I tried classical music, improvisational jazz and radical eclectic music, rock; anything with possibilities.

    I kept tinkering, with the soundtrack, for 20 years. My son, Bradley, liked a 1982 version best, but thought there were good ideas in a 1989 version, too. In 1996, Bradley talked me into doing the consummate Thief soundtrack, using the best ideas from both the 1982 and 1989 versions.

    I borrowed a studio and an engineer. I discovered music by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), was the perfect complement to the magic of the Thief. I worked on it for weeks. Every time I saw the movie with the ELO soundtrack, it moved me, deeply.

    I contacted Jeff Lynne, the creative genius behind ELO and the Travelling Willburys, among others. He came to my house and we watched The Thief of Bagdad. He was shaking his head, smiling throughout the movie. He says, ‘It’s almost as if the music was written for the film.'”

    There you have it: Jeff Lynne approved.

    Here’s a trailer and a clip!

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    Jean-Claude Van Damme Doing the Splits

    Here’s some photos of Jean-Claude Van Damme displaying his greatest skill, doing the splits.









































































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    You should not drink and bake.

    160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes.  This is pretty entertaining.

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    Vin Diesel’s vs JCVD’s Facebook Pages

    Lightning vs. Feelings 2012 (click on image)

    Recently we were pleased the discover that some of our favorite action movie stars had facebook pages!  Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Vin Diesel, Dolph Lundgren…  And not only that, it seemed they updated them personally (well, except for Seagal, whose page sucks).  So, like the good fanboys we are, we had to LIKE every single one of them.

    The one that caught our eye, though, was Vin Diesel’s.  First of all, he calls it VINBOOK.  Not since trolling around Britney Spears’ myspace page have we seen so many white-vignetted inspirational JPG’s.  Contemplative, Introverted, Positive, Sentimental, Motivational, Vaguely Spiritual… he’s a dreamer with 6th grade level photoshop skills.  He’s got feelings.  At first, we thought it must have been made by a fan, but on his website we found the same cheesy (awesome) graphics.  BUT–you have to be a member to view them.  Moving on…

    At around the same time Vin Diesel posted his “I Believe in You” image today (above), Jean Claude Van Damme posted his “JCVD 2012 LIGHTNING WARRIOR” image, which is about a million times cooler, if it’s possible to calculate those kinds of things.  See how he is standing there, ready to fight? Vin Diesel’s image would be way better if he was holding two Uzi’s or being blown away from an explosion.

    SO, if Vin Diesel and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s facebook pages got in a fight, who would win?  We pick Van Damme, because Lightning beats Feelings.

    Is that really a Vin Diesel quote?

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    Chucknology – Chuck Norris Kills Per Movie Graph

    Chucknology: Kills Per Movie
    In the Spring of 2006 we made our CHUCKNOLOGY: KILL COUNTS PER MOVIE graph and presented to a small gathering of friends at one of our first Bingo Nights.  We happened to watch CODE OF SILENCE (1985) that night, actually one of Chuck’s better movies.


    The chart follows Chuck Norris’ career from 1969-2005.  We broke the graph down by decade, facial hair status, and weapon of choice.  We analyzed kills with different styles of facial hair, kills by decade, kills per movie, and minutes between kills (by decade).


    1) As Norris’ facial hair thickened, so did the diameter of the barrel of his weapon of choice.  Naturally, as his weapon’s barrel increased, so did his kill count.  “As above, so below.”

    2) The 1970s saw him mostly with a mustache with his leg as his weapon of choice.  The 1980s got gratuitous, however.  This is when we saw him begin to wield automatic weapons.  I guess life really does begin at 40.

    3) After Norris hit 50 in 1990, he started with a bang with 29 kills in 1991’s THE HITMAN.  Then he began to mellow as he eased into network television popularity with eight season of Walker: Texas Ranger and a few quasi-spiritual direct-to-video movies.

    Source of graph data: http://www.scms.ca/norr.html