L.A. BOUNTY (1989)
Showing Tuesday 12/3/2019 at The Hollywood Theatre

She was a cop. Now she’s a bounty hunter. She’s Ruger (Sybil Danning), a woman who proves you can be beautiful and tougher than any man.

Brutal killers have kidnapped a candidate for mayor. The police are powerless so Ruger swings into action. Once they threw her off the force for breaking rules. Now they’re grateful she moves outside the law because that’s where you find the crooks.

L.A. BOUNTY seethes with all the tension and energy of today’s headlines. It pits a psychopathic criminal mastermind against a terrorized populace. Only Ruger’s determination to avenge her murdered partner stands in his way. In the end everyone comes to understand that when the chips are down, Ruger rules! Directed by Worth Keeter.