Showing Tuesday 4/7/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

Matrix was just a regular guy… until one day when his daughter was kidnapped by mercenaries! In COMMANDO, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a super-ripped beefcake named John Matrix, a tree-carrying, ice cream-eating, retired Delta Force operative who wants nothing more than to raise his young daughter (Alyssa Milano, Who’s the Boss) in peace. After his secluded mountain home is besieged and his daughter kidnapped, it’s up to him to track down his arch-enemy Bennett, who wants him for one last job. Bennett (Vernon Wells, Knight Rider, MacGyver), who wears black leather pants and a chainmail tank top for the entire movie, was once kicked out of Matrix’s unit and is looking for revenge.

In order to get his daughter back, Matrix reluctantly accepts his final mission: the former dictator of Val Verde (who he deposed in the past) needs him to assassinate the current president, so he can have his country back. Along the way Matrix enlists the help of Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong), a flight attendant he kidnaps in an airport parking garage after jumping out of a commercial airliner shortly after takeoff. They rob a military surplus store and head to Val Verde, where an entire army is waiting to take them out. Matrix estimates this to be an even fight, gets oiled up, and starts shooting. COMMANDO was directed by B-Movie Bingo veteran Mark L. Lester, who also brought us SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (1991) and CLASS OF 1999 (1990). Rated R.