Showing Tuesday 3/3/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

Nothing in this movie is even remotely possible, but if you’re interested in movies that “have it all”, look no further! In a future world that looks suspiciously like early 90s Los Angeles, psychotic criminal mastermind Slash Gallagher (Evan Lurie—DOUBLE IMPACT) is brought down by rookie cop Kurt Decoda (Joe Lara—STEEL FRONTIER). A convicted insane person, he is sentenced to a futuristic version of prison torture called Holographic Stasis. His body is put on ice, while his mind and soul are re-programmed.

After literally no time, Slash’s gang of insane cyber criminals break him out of what is already an impossible prison situation—but his body is destroyed in the process. Slash is rendered a nightmare hologram, able to walk through walls and smile as bullets pass through his digital body. Imagine Princess Leia as projected by R2D2, if Leia was a dreadlocked beefcake in a white leotard. When he speaks at normal volume, he sounds EXACTLY like Ross from “Friends”. Close your eyes and listen, and you’ll see.

Once former rookie cop Kurt Decoda hears that Slash is out of hologram prison, he hits the streets—this time it’s personal. Decoda’s plan isn’t to send him back to jail… it’s to send him straight to hell! Directed by Richard Pepin (T-FORCE, CYBER-TRACKER 2).