TC 2000 (1993)
Showing Tuesday 2/3/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

The first (and main) thing you need to know about this movie is that it stars Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo. The second thing you need to know is that TC 2000 takes place in a pollution-tainted future (2020 to be exact). We learn from Blanks’ wooden narration that the rich have moved below ground to escape the polluted surface of the earth, leaving the poor and helpless above ground. In his words, “Killers and criminals formed ruthless gangs. When they weren’t fighting each other they were trying to break into the underworld to steal our food and water. That’s where I come in.”

Blanks plays Jason Storm, a “Tracker/Communicator” who, along with his rookie partner Zoey Kinsella (Bobbie Phillips, “Baywatch”), keeps the gangs at bay and protects the rich of the underworld. When Zoey is killed by Niki Picasso, leader of the gang “The Picassos”, the bosses of the underworld, a corrupt organization called The Controller, turn her into a ruthless killer cyborg called TC 2000 X. She’s been re-animated, and programmed to hunt down and kill people above ground. This pisses off Storm, who wants access to her memory chip, and he leaves the underworld and becomes a hunted man.

Above ground he befriends Master Samui, played by Bolo Yeung (BLOODSPORT). Master Samui has the rare ability to transfer the energy of his punches through people to other people nearby, which is strange to see. This is an agreeable attribute for him to have in the eyes of Storm. Together they team up to fight Zoey and prevent the destruction of the world. Directed by T.J. Scott (“Xena: Warrior Princess”).