T-FORCE (1994)
Showing Tuesday 1/6/2015 at The Hollywood Theatre

Imagine the future in Los Angeles (2007 to be exact). The British embassy has been seized by terrorists and there is a worsening hostage situation. An expert team is called in… only they’re not people. They’re cyborgs!

The cybernaut police force, or “T-Force” as it’s called, wipe out the terrorist threat in mere minutes, with only a handful of civilian casualties. In wake of these deaths, the T-Force program is shut down by the mayor and police chief. However, it seems the agents of T-Force have neuronet processors (aka “learning computers”), and were able to learn the instinct of self-preservation, because instead of going quietly, they go on a rampage trying to kill those who want to shut them down.

Jack Scalia (“Dallas”, “Tequila & Bonetti”) stars as Lt. Jack Floyd, and it’s up to him to stop the rebel force of cybernauts from destroying the greater Los Angeles area. He is joined by a cyborg named Cain, played by Bobby Johnston (BODY STROKES, I LIKE TO PLAY GAMES TOO), as they take on one of our favorite American Gladiators who made the transition from that padded world to “cyborg/immortal being” character acting, Malibu! You may remember him from IMMORTAL COMBAT (1994), in which he played a blonde immortal beefcake.

This direct-to-video treat is brought to us by Richard Pepin, who’s responsible for both CYBER-TRACKER 2 and HOLOGRAM MAN. Rated T for T-Force.