Hot! SAMURAI COP at SIFF – with Matt Hannon in person!

“I still speak fluent Japanese! Yama… whatever.” –Matt Hannon, 2014

Every since we discovered SAMURAI COP on the shelf at Movie Madness in Portland back in 2005, we’ve always been curious about its origins, and its star, Matt Hannon. A couple years ago a rumor spread that he had died–and a SAMURAI COP cast reunion happened without him in Los Angeles.

But with a new year comes new information. In June 2014, Matt Hannon emerged onto the web from the grave, posting a video of himself on YouTube… with no shirt. Still in character after all these years! Not only is he alive and well, but he also came to our screening of SAMURAI COP in Seattle on 8/16! We were surprised and honored to learn that not only was it his first official SAMURAI COP appearance, but it was his first time introducing it to a packed house and fielding questions at a live Q&A with fans.

It was a great time! Matt proved to have a great sense of humor and be game for pretty much anything–and he’s still a beefcake.

Here’s a video of the Q&A and a photo gallery!