doubletrouble_WEBDOUBLE TROUBLE (1992)
Showing Tuesday 5/6/2014 at The Hollywood Theatre

Peter and David Paul, better known as “The Barbarian Brothers”, were twin beefcakes who looked like a pair of roided-out Sandra Bullocks. They bounced from buddy comedy to buddy comedy, scrabbling to find purchase in the rocky soil of Hollywood. Their go-to move was flipping cars. Looking back, they may not have succeeded in their quest, but at least they still look like a couple of Sandra Bullocks.

In DOUBLE TROUBLE, they star as Peter and David Jade, twins on opposites sides of the law–which is ample fodder for all kinds of comedy. That being said, this movie is very entertaining. Peter is a cop for the LAPD whose only shirt is a cut-off Raiders sweatshirt, and David is a cat burglar who specializes in diamond heists. He prefers to wear suits, and lives in swanky condo. Peter lives in a hellhole and lets his cat use the sink as a litter box.

Much to Peter’s annoyance, he is called to a crime scene only to catch his estranged, albeit muscular, twin brother red-handed. He discovers that while trying to rob a safe, the recently-incarcerated David had stumbled upon a key to a secret room full of diamonds, and the bad guys want it back. For reasons unknown, the chief of police, played by John “Scotty” Doohan (STAR TREK), sees it fit to pull David out of jail and team these guys up to take down the criminals and clean up the city. Pretty good plot–can’t wait to see how it pans out. Tropical ending, perhaps?

Also of note: David Carradine has a cameo. Directed by John Paragon.

A day in the life of a beefcake.