ActionUSA_WEBACTION U.S.A. (1989)
Showing Tuesday 3/4/2014 at The Hollywood Theatre

ACTION U.S.A. lives up to its title in every way possible: it’s eighty-four minutes of non-stop action and stunts, all of which occur in the U.S.A. This movie is the directorial debut of famed Hollywood stunt man John Stewart, who went on to direct CARTEL and several episodes of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. It kind of feels like an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger”–Stewart knows how deliver what audiences want. An excerpt of the original review that appeared in Variety read, “Chase involves topnotch stunts, with cars frequently flying through the air and luxury cars demolished.” Amen.

The plot involves a beautiful young woman named Carmen (Barri Murphy) who witnesses the murder of her boyfriend, who drives a Corvette with vanity plates that read “SLEEK 1”. Her boyfriend, Billy Ray (played by someone named “Rod Shaft”), has stolen a cache of diamonds, and some gangsters want them back. FBI agents Clay Osborne and “Panama” offer her protection, and go on the run. From there on out, it’s chases, explosions, shoot-outs and many, many stunts. Helicopter, motorcycle, car, truck, house… everything blows up. With so much igniting the screen, it’s hard to keep track of the names in this movie, except for Drago (Cameron Mitchell), who “buries people”. The main lesson we learn from this film is that stunts are more important than names. Directed by John Stewart.

New squares alert: this being a chase movie, we’ve added VANITY PLATES, ROAD BLOCK, CARJACKED, and ZIP-LINE.

Since we couldn’t find any trailers online, here’s two explosive clips: